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Professional Floor Inspector

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Thomas M. Smith

Flooring Inspector

Our involvement in the flooring industry dates back to the 1960’s. We started out with carpet cleaning, sales and installation and over the years expanded into hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and resilient flooring (including sheet vinyl and vinyl composition planks and tiles).

The flooring inspection and consultation services we offer include:

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Why Inspect?

For many people, flooring is the third biggest investment next to their home and auto. Each year millions of dollars are lost due to the premature failure of flooring. Whose fault is it? The three most common areas of responsibility include:

  • Manufacturing (defects either visible or latent).
  • Installation (not according to industry standards or manufacturer specifications).
  • Maintenance (inadequate or improper cleaning methods or use of the product).

This is where a professional floor inspector enters the picture. A professional floor inspector is trained to inspect flooring problems and reach a conclusion based on evidence and testing, as to what is responsible for the flooring failure. An independent inspector can be commissioned by the manufacturer, the dealer or installation company, the consumer, or for that matter, by home builders or lawyers in the event of litigation. Non-disclosure agreements between the inspector and the commissioner preclude the inspector from sharing any details of the court ready written report or any of the details of the inspection with other interested parties.

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No two inspections are identical. Each individual inspection has its own unique issues and characteristics. We provide unbiased and professional inspection and consultation services.

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